Nutrient Distribution: Getting paid in Amanitas

In Amanitas we want to do things differently, including how people get paid for their work. As part of this project, we are experimenting with new ways of enabling teams to determine budgets and wages. We know that this is quite a challenge and means that all members of Amanitas need to invest more time in this than they may in a more traditionally structured organization. Especially since this is a new way of distributing funds for most of us on the team, it is likely to cause resistance or friction - but that is the process we have choose to embark on!

What is nutrient distritbution?

Nutrients are a word we are using for money, and distribution how money is allocated. So:

Nutrient Distribution = Allocation of Amanitas Funds

Time vs Value?

One of the key questions that comes up when you want to engage a whole group in deciding how people are paid for their work, is whether the measure of the amoung people get is related to the time spent vs. the value the work done provides. After discussions about different options, the current distribution process is based on giving funds for value produced, not time spent. This has its tradeoffs but due to the need to make choices, this is the one that has been made for now.

Current Nutrient Distribution process

If you are a member of an Amanitas team and need to do a nutrient distribution process, please

>> follow these instructions


First experiments

Nutrient distribution prototype #1

Nutrient distribution prototype #2

>> See prototype 2


  • This take a lot of time, especially in the beginning. That is ok!
  • It's really hard to attribute value to work done, but it is a muscle that can be trained.

See this discussion on loomio about the challenges and questions around this type of model.

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