Cobudget Prototype 1: Co-rooting @HappyBernLab


Group purpose

The purpose of this group is to enable collaborative and transparent decision-making on how monthly co-rooting budget of the house is distributed. The group on Cobudget is meant to support the offline dialogs and decision-making between house members and leave a trace that enables others to learn from and replicate our practices.

What qualifies as a co-rooting activity?

Co-rooting activities is everything that helps deepen the relationships, connections and grow the collective roots of everyone who lives and passes through the house. Co-rooting is never a solo activity, but is about groups. Everyone is invited to participate, and nobody is obliged to take part.

Basic Group Setup

Happy Bern Lab Cobudget Group Setup
Who is in the cobudget group? All house members (people living in the house on a permanent basis)
What budget is available? 1000 CHF monthly
How will the budget be distributed? Equal between all group members
What is the funding period & rhythm? Monthly, until end of 2017
Steward (Facilitator) Sidsel Andersen ([email protected])
Steward (Support) Francesca Pick ([email protected])

Process & Policies

Monthly Opt-in on the 13. of each month, an email will be sent to all group members asking them to opt-in to the next funding round.
Monthly distribution of funds on the 20. of each month
When a bucket has been funded At the Sunday dinner there will be a logistical discussion about when the activity will be scheduled.
If a bucket was not fully funded People can still do the activity, but need to cover the remaining costs themselves.
Savings bucket 200 CHF will be put the in the savings bucket in the first month to cover potential over-spending or errors. People who do not live at the house anymore and have funds left can put them in the savings bucket for the rest of the group to use.
Re-distribution of savings buckets It will be decided at the weekly Sunday meetings what to do with what is in the savings bucket.
Making payments All funded buckets will be paid for directly via the Happy Bern Lab account. Alternatively, you can be reimbursed.

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